• Chana Sattu 3in1  Roasted Chickpea Flour, Satay Flour

Chana Sattu 3in1  Roasted Chickpea Flour, Satay Flour

wheat flour, and roasted chickpea flour is a nutrient that affects digestion and has a high nutritional value. The nutrients contained in wheat flour include carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. In addition, wheat flour has many health benefits. It has many health benefits.

1. Energize: Wheat flour is a good and fast energy source. It helps the body have energy for work and activities.

2. Reduce the risk of diabetes: wheat flour has a lower digestive index than wheat flour. thus reducing the accumulation of blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes

3. Help strengthen the immune system: wheat flour is high in dietary fiber. stimulates the immune system and prevents infections and diseases

4. Helps strengthen the nervous system: wheat flour contains vitamin B1 helps strengthen the nervous system. and helps the brain work at full capacity

5. Help break down fat: wheat flour is a food that needs time to digest. Helps the digestive system work all the time. and helps to accumulate fat in the body

6. Improves the gastrointestinal tract: wheat flour contains dietary fiber that helps clean the gastrointestinal tract. and reduces blood pressure in the veins

7. Help reduce constipation: wheat flour is a nutrient that stimulates bowel function. Help reduce constipation.

8. No smell and taste: wheat flour has no smell and taste. making them suitable for use in a wide range of food applications

9. Suitable for people with celiac disease: Satew flour is a gluten-free food. This makes it ideal for people with celiac disease who want to control the amount of gluten in their blood.

10. Have a variety of cooking features: Satou flour is a raw material that can be used to cook a variety of foods. Whether it's bread, desserts, or fast food.

Therefore, using wheat flour as an ingredient in food or health products has many health benefits. And should be used regularly and appropriately in everyday life.

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Chana Sattu 3in1 Roasted Chickpea Flour, Satay Flour

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